Monday, 6 July 2015


June has been a pretty hectic month for me, or at least it feels that way. The last week of June was probably my busiest week of the year so far. Right at the end of May, I started two new jobs – one permanent, one temporary for over the summer, so this month has involved a lot of learning about new things which I don’t mind particularly. My temporary job is actually at the University I attend and worked at during my gap year, but in mid-June, my department was holding a conference which I basically took over organisation for. It was extremely stressful for me the day before it, like I don’t think I’ve been so stressed in my life but it all turned out to be ok, thank god!
1.     I saw Taylor Swift (pic above) in June for the 3rd time. I’ve seen Taylor play on 3 tours (Speak Now, Red and 1989) and I swear she gets better every time. She even spotted me and my sister as we just so happened to be one of the only people in our block with lights, and actually the only people in our block with the lights wrapped round us! We’re pretty sure her mum spotted us too as we were dancing crazy and her mum saw us so that was fun! I just wish I could see her again. My love for T-Sweezy knows no bounds.
2.     My boyfriend and I hit 3 years on the 23rd! We celebrated by going out for a meal in the evening which was Thai food and it was sooo so good. We didn’t do presents as it’s only 3 years, but at the same time, 3 years! It feels like longer than that, but then it’s such a short time in comparison to how long some people have been together. Still, I think it’s an achievement seeing as I’m not even 20 yet!
3.     My little sister’s prom. My little sister had her prom in the last week of June, and she looked so cute! It’s so weird to think she’s leaving school already especially as I only left 4 years ago. It makes me feel so old!
4.     THE HEAT. Oh my gosh, so this post is like a day late, because I was going to put it up yesterday but holy crap, the heat last Wednesday (1st July) was insane. I try not to complain when it’s sunny because we don’t get it all that much in rainy England, but it was just so hot and humid yesterday. I was sat outside for probably 2-3 hours and I don’t think I even got that much of a tan!
5.     My modules for the second year of my History degree have been confirmed and I’m so excited! I’m taking 6 modules in total, two last the whole year, and then the rest are either taught in the first semester or the second!

I read a total of 6 books this month which isn’t so bad! I realised that although my reading goal this year is 52, I have over 50 books on my tbr list, which I want to get through this year, and about 4 of the 6 I read this month weren’t included on my TBR so panic mode struck which led me to write a list of books I would like to read for each month. I probably won’t, I’ve already gone against the list, but ah well! 

This month I read..

I’m aiming to read 7-8 books this month! I’m going on holiday so hopefully a lot of beach/pool reading shall be done. I was only going to take one book but honestly, what bookworm takes only one book when going on holiday? I swiftly realised that the book I was intending to take (The Fill-In Boyfriend) would probably be read within about a day which has now led me to question which other books to take. I’m thinking of taking maybe 3 or 4,, two in hand luggage and maybe 1 or 2 in my suitcase. I think I’m going to ask the brains of Instagram to help me out with this one. If you want to chip in your suggestion, follow me at @alittlesomethingbookish !

I’m going on holiday on the 11th so don’t expect any updates from me, although it’s not like I update my blog all that much anyway recently, oops.. I get back on the 18th, but then it’s my birthday on the 19th! After that, I’m coming back and going straight into work again, both at my temporary job and my permanent role! In my temporary job, I’ll be taking on the role of editorial assistant for a journal made up of journals! Sounds funny! I’m a bit nervous as I’m not entirely sure about type facing and all that, but we’ll see how it goes!