Friday, 20 June 2014

How I Organise…My Books

What better way to start off the How I Organise.. series with telling you how I organise my books?! I never really had a set way of organising my books because I don't really have that many on my shelves (surprisingly shocking collection, actually, for someone who blogs about books), but since starting this blog, I've decided to become a bit more organised. 

So to organise my books, I actually use Excel. You'd think I'd want to get away from it since I use it so often in the day due to my job, but it's actually a really good way of keeping up with which books you own. 

In the picture above (sorry if it's too small!), you can see how I organise my books. I organise my books via the last name of an author, as I find that this so much easier for me. 
I then put the title of the book, whether it's part of a series and whether I've read it or not. Across from that, I put my rating, the classification, so whether it's YA, Adult, Children's, etc. and the genre. I also then put what format the book is in and whether it's signed. Then lastly, how the book came into my hands and who the publisher is. 

This is a great way of organising my books as I can see the books I own, and which books I still need to read. It's also important to me that I have this as, although I know which books are on my shelf, it means that just in case I do forget, I can see which books I already own. This means that I won't buy any duplicates! I find that it's also quite helpful for writing reviews, as I've got all the information, such as the publisher and source!

So now you've seen how I manage my books. Next week, I'll be showing you how I organise reviews!

If you've got any questions, please let me know! So how do you organise your books? Do you do the same, or do you do it differently? 

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