Friday, 11 July 2014

How I Organise…Good Reads

How I Organise… is the feature friday on a paper town. This is the third post out of 10.

Good Reads is probably one of the most used websites for book lovers alike. Whether you have a blog or not, Good Reads is extremely helpful. While on my blogging/life organising spree a few weeks back, I did a little work on my Good Reads profile. 

So here is my Good Reads profile page:

So this is what my Good Reads page looks like! As you can see, I've got my 'Must Read' shelf as the showcase shelf. Is that what it's called? I don't know! Underneath I have some other different shelves. Not many, but they keep me organised enough! I'm finding it particularly helpful to have the 'read 2014' shelf, as it means I'm able to keep track of what I've read so far this year(not much as you can see..)!

So what do my different shelves consist of? The good, old typical three you start off with, which are Read, Currently Reading and To Read. I've then added my own. I've got my wish list, which is obviously books I don't have and want to read. Once I've bought a book, I transfer the book over to my 'to read' shelf, as then I actually have the book! I've then got my did-not-finish shelf, which is helpful. Even if I haven't finished a book, having it on this shelf gives me the opportunity to revisit the book just in case I wasn't in the proper mood for it!

Then we've got the series shelf! Every book I read that is part of a series gets added to this shelf. Then there's the bought shelf, which has all the books I've bought, obviously! Then as talked about earlier, the read-2014 and read-2013 shelf. (I've already mentioned my must read shelf above!) As I said before, having these read-year shelves is helpful for me to see what I've read throughout the year as it will help to see if there was a pattern with my reading! 

In connection to this, there is the 2014 release shelf, which is great as it will help me to see how many new releases I've read this year! I only intend to update this shelf during the year we're in. Come January 2015, I'll then stop updating my 2014 releases and updating my 2015 releases shelf instead!

Then we've got the bought, e-book, library and gift shelves! These are helpful as I can see what the source was of the book..kind of! It also helps me to see how I tend to read books, or if I borrow more than I own (which I don't!).

I find that having the different shelves is a great way to keep my Good Reads account organised, as well as myself. I also use the app Literally (currently in Beta mode still, I think!) which is similar to Good Reads!

I hope this was helpful. Let me know what you thought - I'll probably be sat on a Zante beach as you read this…and it's my birthday tomorrow! Hooray!

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