Wednesday, 2 July 2014

June Recap

This month has been pretty busy for me. I've had 3 exams for the AAT course I'm currently studying, all which I passed, so I'm very happy. I've also switched to a new job, celebrated my boyfriends birthday, celebrated our 2 year anniversary and have been getting ready for my holiday to Zante next month! In the midst of that, I also had the aim to try to read more books than I read last month. In all fairness, June has been a good month but I'm so excited for July as not only am I going on holiday, but it's birthday which I'm on holiday for! I can't wait! So let's take a look back at June..

So in case you haven't seen my tweets, I've literally become addicted to the TV show Once Upon A Time (this has also contributed to reading less than I aimed for this month) but oh my gosh, IT IS SO GOOD. Also this month, I got a new bookshelf. It's smaller than my old one (boo!) but it looks so cute with all my books on it and I love it!

I also started a new mini series this month called How I Organise.. which I'm really happy about. It should run over the next 10 weeks (well, 8 now as I've already posted two posts of the 10!).

Books I've read this June:
We Were Liars
Since You've Been Gone
Lola and the Boy Next Door
To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Um…oops. June hasn't really been a great reading month for me.. But like I said above, I have been studying for exams and I started a new job, so for most of June I have been studying! I think that's a fair reason for why I haven't read as much. I'm really aiming for July to be a good reading month though. I'm currently reading Under the Never Sky, but I'm getting through it soooo slowly.

Blog Stuff:
This month, I spent a little time updating my blog. I've changed the background, updated the side bar, created a banner, and organised my tabs a little better. I finally feel like everything is coming together a little and my blog is really starting to get somewhere. I also hit 1000 views this month which, for me, is a huge achievement. Sometimes I feel a little disheartened as I don't get that many comments, but seeing the views really makes me happy as I feel that I'm not being completely ignored! You know, I really do blog for myself more than anything, but probably like most people, seeing a comment on a post is so exciting for me!

Now that my exams and college work is out the way for a little bit, I'm aiming to try and read 2 books a week. As my new job states I have an hour for lunch, I'm hoping I can fill it up with lots of reading, plus there are quite a few books I'm excited to read so it should be a good month - stay tuned for my July TBR list tomorrow! 

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