Monday, 5 May 2014

Physical Book vs. e-Reader

I'm sure a lot of book bloggers probably own an e-Reader of some sort (Kindle, Nook..I'm not sure what other e-Readers there are!). I do own one myself which my family kind of share, however nobody has actually used it properly before, and we only have samples, no actual full books on it! So although this might seem a bit biased towards physical copies, please do take note that I did actually read a series of books on my iPhone e-Reader thing, which, for the record, I wouldn't recommend as it's such a tiny screen! So without further ado, let the comparison begin!

What are the pros of an e-Reader?

  • e-Readers are light and able to fit easily in your bag
  • You can take several books with you at one time
  • They don't make your bag heavy
  • If you get bored of one book, you can easily choose another to read
  • You don't have to worry about your bookmark falling out, and loosing your place
  • You can read late into the night without wasting electricity because it has a backlight
  • You instantly receive the book*

What are the cons of an e-Reader?
  • You don't get to see the pretty cover (well, only if the e-Reader is black and white!)
  • You don't get that new book smell
  • You don't get the feeling of holding a new, physical book in your hand 
  • If it gets full, it will mean you'll have to decide which books to keep/delete
  • Staring at a screen for too long (because you're oh so engrossed in that book you're reading) can cause damage to your eyes

What are the pros of a physical book?
  • You don't really have to worry about having to deleting space to make way for new books (unless your bookshelf is overflowing!)
  • You get that new book smell
  • There is nothing like that feeling you get when you're holding a new book in your hands
  • Pretty bookmarks, need I say more?
  • Having a bookshelf full of books for you to pick out at any moment
  • When you have a complete, physical series on the shelf, it is SO satisfying 

What are the cons of a physical book?
  • Loosing your place in a book because your bookmark fell out (this has happened to me one too many times!)
  • They're heavy to carry along with you, especially if you have a big book, or several in your bag
  • You can only take so many with you before your bag is full
  • Reading into the middle of the night can be bad for your electric bills…alternatively, there is the book light you can buy in bookshops, you know the ones that you can attach to the book? The only problem is that they SUCK
  • If you order online, waiting for the book can be so annoying

So far, I've only thought of a few pro's and con's, but will probably add to this list if I think of any more! If I'm honest, there's an equal amount of pro's to both physical books and e-Readers. Personally for me, I prefer being able to hold a book in my hand and being able to smell the pages of a new book (is that weird?). I don't have anything against e-Readers. In fact, truth be told, I would really like a Kindle, but I really enjoy having a physical copy in my hands. So I guess I'll put this out there to you all..

What do you think of physical books in comparison to e-Readers? Do you prefer physical copies, or e-reader copies? Are there any more pros/cons you can think of? 

* I've put this as a pro, however it is also a pro for physical books if you're buying them from a shop, not so much if you're buying them online though!
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  1. I have a hard time saying one is better than the other because I like them for different things.

    I have an old Kindle keyboard and discovered how easy it is to read in the bathtub! I stick it in a big Ziplock bag and can read to my hearts content even if my fingers get we or accidentally get it too close to the water. Out here, you can borrow books from the library for it. People don't always know about it so sometimes you can get a popular book quickly!

    Physical books are the best for books you want to read over and over again. They're great for sharing with your friends as well.

    Great discussion!

    1. Hello! That's the thing, isn't it? Every one has a different opinion on which they prefer. I suppose I can't comment so much because I don't really use an e-Reader, despite my family owning one! I can definitely see how it would be easy to use in the bath tub!

      I find that my local library doesn't always have the books I want to read, which can be quite annoying, so in that respect, I think a Kindle would be good as I'd be able to access books easily and straight away!

      Definitely, I totally agree! And thank you very much!